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Pool with marble surface


Interested in finding out what our past and current customers think about the services provided by our pool service company in Sarasota, FL? A&D Pool has impressed people since day one, and we look forward to adding your name to our growing list of satisfied customers.

"I recently had a problem with dark spots forming at different areas of the quartz pool finish. Mainly in the deep end but some on the sun shelf too. I took pictures of it and stopped in at the store. The person at the counter tested the water which was good so he had John take a look at it. After asking many questions and spending lots of time with me, John believed he knew what caused it and showed me how to spot treat a small area and if it worked on the small area, how to treat the whole pool. Well, he was right and after treating the pool, my quartz finish is look great and back to normal. Thank you John and team for taking the time to help me fix my problem!"
- John Beiler

"They're great, gotten my walk in pool needs there for years. Always helpful. Don't know about their home service."
- Robert George Willman, P.A.

"A&D Pool Service has taken care of my pool every summer for about the last 4 years. I have been very satisfied. I also purchase my chemicals from them during the winter, and I'm equally satisfied with their friendly service and fair prices. I also like the free lollipops on their counter."
- Jim Keeney

"Friendly staff, great customer service. Maintaining my own pool was a headache until I found them. They provide great advice and are always trying to help us save money on up keep where we can."
- M. Choate

Contact us to find out for yourself just how well we can assist you. Our swimming pool services are available to customers located throughout the Sarasota, Florida, area.