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Designing a Unique Swimming Pool

Spillover SpaWhen you have a swimming pool, you have a fun place to relax and cool down on hot days. But your pool can be used for more than recreation. With the right features and updates, your swimming pool can also become a stunning design showpiece. Here are some ideas for creating unique pools in Sarasota, FL.

Fountains–Swimming pools with fountains have an elegant allure. There are many styles available, from simple to elaborate.

Sconces–These are inexpensive decorative features that project narrow streams of water through small openings.

Spillover Spas–These connect your main pool to your hot tub via a graceful “spillover” from one to the other.

Rainfall Curtains–These produce gentle showers by means of tiny streams of water falling from a beam over your pool.

Installing any of these features with attractive tiles or other quality materials will transform your pool into an impressive element in your home design. Consider a rock waterfall for a tropical look or LED lighting for a special nighttime ambiance. The possibilities are virtually endless for customizing a luxurious, one-of-a-kind pool. The professionals at A&D Pool are available to discuss your swimming pool ideas with you.

Saltwater Versus Freshwater Swimming Pools

Shaded Brick Lined Pool

When you hire swimming pool contractors in Sarasota, FL, you have two main options to consider: saltwater and freshwater. While each offers its own advantages and drawbacks, the best one for you depends on your situation. Here are six main points of comparison to consider:

Chlorine – Both pools require chlorine. In freshwater pools, the upkeep is slightly more intensive, as you need to add the chemical to the water manually. Saltwater pools require extra equipment but generate their own chlorine.

Maintenance – Saltwater pools tend to win out in this department, as their more stable chlorine levels create a less carried environment for essential components and systems.

Corrosion – While chlorine in both pool types may be corrosive, saltwater can be markedly worse on metals and even some pool finishes.

Swimming Experience – One common misperception is that saltwater pools taste as salty as seawater, but this is actually untrue. Humans taste salt at around 6,000 parts per million in water, but saltwater pools typically maintain only 4,000.

Odor – Where traditional freshwater pools are somewhat infamous for smelling like chlorine, saltwater alternatives don’t contain nearly as much of the chemical at any given time, which means no fumes to worry about.

Five Essential Pool Maintenance Tasks

swimming pool contractors Sarasota FLTo some, taking care of an inground pool may seem like a relatively easy task. However, there may be more duties involved with pool maintenance than you think. Keep reading for some basic things you should be doing to keep your pool running at prime condition.

Clean your pool at least once a week.
Skim the surface with a cleaning net and use a vacuum to remove debris from the bottom of the pool.

Check the pH and chlorine levels of your pool once or twice a week.
The ideal pH level of your pool should remain within the 7.4-7.6 range, and the chlorine level should be 2.0 to 3.0 parts per million. The best time to test your pool’s water is about four hours after all swimmers have left the water or eight hours after rainfall

With a handy pool brush, apply a pool surface cleaner to the waterline.
This will eliminate waterline stains and help keep your pool looking new.

Shock the water once every week.
Shocking is when you add a large amount of chlorine to the pool to get rid of algae and other contaminants. Follow your pool manufacturer’s instructions to ensure you are adding the proper amount of chemicals.

Run the filter as often as possible.
If possible, run it constantly during the summer. The water is less likely to become dirty and breed bacteria if it is continuously moving.

You can make sure your pool is always in its best condition by taking advantage of maintenance services from our swimming pool contractors in Sarasota, FL. Contact us today to receive a pool service estimate.

Three Tips on Choosing the Right Swimming Pool Contractor

beautiful inground swimming pool with foliageWith the numerous swimming pool contractors available in the Sarasota area, the task of choosing the right one can seem overwhelming. To help make the decision easier, here are some actions to take as you search for the best pool service company.

Research their reputation
Does the pool service company you are researching have positive feedback and reviews from their current and previous clients? Customers are going to speak up about their experiences, and most will not shy away from being honest and upfront.

Make sure they’re licensed
Before allowing a technician to take any action on your property, it should be ensured that they have had the proper training. That said, many swimming pool projects or repairs require a contractor’s license. Talk to your pool technician to make sure he or she is properly licensed for the types of services you are requesting.

Request a quote
Not all pool service companies in Sarasota, FL, are the same in terms of value. For example, some may include additional services as part of your pool build that others will not. To avoid any surprises down the line, be as descriptive as possible when describing your goals with a pool contractor, and find out exactly what details are included with the quote they provide.

Three Benefits of Building a Backyard Pool

smiling family of four on airbed in swimming poolWhile private swimming pools were once perhaps utilized as a status symbol, many people now choose to build pools in their backyard for numerous other benefits. Large or small, a swimming pool can be an essential addition to your home. Keep reading to learn just a few of the benefits of owning a custom pool in Sarasota, FL.

Health and Relaxation
Swimming targets many muscle groups while increasing coordination, flexibility, lung capacity, and circulation. Also, whether you prefer to lounge in the pool or swim some laps, hydrotherapy is a great way to unwind from the stresses of everyday life. Some people find they even sleep better by ending their day with a dip in the pool.

Family Fun and Entertainment
A backyard pool setting provides an ideal place for families and guests to interact and relax. Beyond providing a place to swim, pools provide lounge areas that are often complemented by patios, BBQ areas, and beautiful landscaping, thus making them an excellent venue for gatherings.

Cleanliness and Peace of Mind
Public pools in gyms, community centers, schools, and the like are continuously being used by numerous swimmers – any of which who may be ill or even fail to practice personal hygiene. When an aquatic facility is used so consistently, and by a wide range of people, there are bound to be health risks present. With your own pool, you can enjoy the water with peace of mind; you get to choose who enters your pool, as well as the methods and frequency of water treatment.

Welcome to A&D Pool’s Blog

A&D Pool logo iconWelcome to the blog of A&D Pools. We are a premier pool service company in Sarasota, FL. For over 30 years, we have been servicing both commercial and residential swimming pool projects in Sarasota and the surrounding communities.

At A&D Pool, our contractors and designers aim to create custom environments for our clients while enriching their home, business or lifestyle. Whether you are in need of a pool for a single family or dozens of park guests, we can prepare a plan that will convert your property into an outdoor paradise.What sets us apart from the competition? Our emphasis on customer satisfaction and commitment to our craft are just two of the reasons we have become one of the most reputable pool contractors in the Tampa area. We know that our customers are our best source of referrals and that our reputation must be earned continuously with every new project. Our team also holds a commercial license, which is the highest of its kind when it comes to pool services in Florida.

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