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Designing a Unique Swimming Pool

Spillover SpaWhen you have a swimming pool, you have a fun place to relax and cool down on hot days. But your pool can be used for more than recreation. With the right features and updates, your swimming pool can also become a stunning design showpiece. Here are some ideas for creating unique pools in Sarasota, FL.

Fountains–Swimming pools with fountains have an elegant allure. There are many styles available, from simple to elaborate.

Sconces–These are inexpensive decorative features that project narrow streams of water through small openings.

Spillover Spas–These connect your main pool to your hot tub via a graceful “spillover” from one to the other.

Rainfall Curtains–These produce gentle showers by means of tiny streams of water falling from a beam over your pool.

Installing any of these features with attractive tiles or other quality materials will transform your pool into an impressive element in your home design. Consider a rock waterfall for a tropical look or LED lighting for a special nighttime ambiance. The possibilities are virtually endless for customizing a luxurious, one-of-a-kind pool. The professionals at A&D Pool are available to discuss your swimming pool ideas with you.

Saltwater Versus Freshwater Swimming Pools

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When you hire swimming pool contractors in Sarasota, FL, you have two main options to consider: saltwater and freshwater. While each offers its own advantages and drawbacks, the best one for you depends on your situation. Here are six main points of comparison to consider:

Chlorine – Both pools require chlorine. In freshwater pools, the upkeep is slightly more intensive, as you need to add the chemical to the water manually. Saltwater pools require extra equipment but generate their own chlorine.

Maintenance – Saltwater pools tend to win out in this department, as their more stable chlorine levels create a less carried environment for essential components and systems.

Corrosion – While chlorine in both pool types may be corrosive, saltwater can be markedly worse on metals and even some pool finishes.

Swimming Experience – One common misperception is that saltwater pools taste as salty as seawater, but this is actually untrue. Humans taste salt at around 6,000 parts per million in water, but saltwater pools typically maintain only 4,000.

Odor – Where traditional freshwater pools are somewhat infamous for smelling like chlorine, saltwater alternatives don’t contain nearly as much of the chemical at any given time, which means no fumes to worry about.